Friday, June 05, 2009

Golden Age

Born at the end of the 70's means that I am one of the so-called (pre)
Nintendo generation. Compared to the current Internet generation, claiming their agenda is full continously, a teenager in the 80's & 90's seems to be very blurry nowadays. But there are also some remarks.
The music back then was real music , written by real musicians who were also able to play instruments, had a fantastic live act and more importantly, had a content. Unfortunately, this kind of music isn't anymore today. Wacko Jacko didn't retreive his nickname yet. Today, the only ingedients consists: Be pretty, have a good voice, wrong manager and a Magic Music Maker 178.0 and let's get rich! (or fall very hard)Teenagers were more mature back then and didn't have to be cautious about capsizing when traveling by boat due to corpulence or obesity.
Besides, the tim
e we spent outside was about 20.000 times more than today, because there wasn't anything to do at home. We hadn't that much of pocketmoney, neither we needed it, since we didn't get drunk every weekend. A cell phone was something no one had ever heard of and so we weren't bothered 24/7.
In 1990 we saw the NES as an upcoming home entertainment system. Of course, it was nowhere in comparison with the Neo Geo , but hey, who cares! We now have entertainment at home! At that time, Sega had a similar system called the Mastersystem (II). There were no other competitors at that time (Sony was still sleeping), so our (game)life was sooo good and so easy, because there was nothing else to choose, thus nothing else to overthink about. Every time when a game was released we bought it, whether it was good or not. Fortunately, we were clever enough to recognise quality and inferiority.
Then in 1992 the Super Nes appeared, known as the giant and winner of the 16-bit era in the Golden Age of videogames. This system didn't only wipe Sega's Mega Drive/ Genesis from the face of the earth, but was also killing for us, leading to spent more times with the SNES rather than boost up my school results (sounds familiar?) Super Mario Kart was one of the carts we played a billion times. It still amazes me that the cart has survived! At the end of the 90's we were (still are) also RPG mad and the SNES still posesses the finest RPG's ever like: Chrono Trigger, (+DS version), Final Fantasy VI , Secret of Mana (2) and so on.....without disqualifying today's videogame entertainment (They are good)..... I miss those days with this exceptional machine.
So I guess it wasn't all that blurry backdays.......It was a Golden Age...OUR Golden Age!

Do you cherish your teenage years?

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