Monday, May 25, 2009

SD Mods

One of the great things about the Gunpla is the opportunity to modify the kits.
Especially the SD kits are good kits to mod.
The inspiration came from my brother which started with Gunpla at the same time. His first mod was the SD Strike Gundam. Since he already owned a normal version of the SD Strike and purchased the SD Strike + Striker Weapons System, he didn't know what to do with the extra Strike at first.
After a good brainstorm, he decided to make a rarely seen SD Strike Rouge. He has turned into a SD mod specialist ever since.

The first kit I've had modified was the SD Gundam Astray Red. I've had a SD Astray Red already build, wondering why Bandai didn't milk this one out, I made a recolor and the SD Gundam Astray Blue Frame was born.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

To find a fitting color wasn't that hard. I decided to use the Tamiya Spray TS-44 Brilliant Blue. Now the hard thing was to get the details also in the same color.
Since there is no acrylic version of the TS-44, I had a solution that was just as easy as brilliant.
I took an empty acrylic bottle and sprayed a couple of ml in the bottle and made sure that it was well closed after every use.
I could have
even the polycaps painted. (See all above)
MBF-P03 Gundam Astray Blue Frame - fully equipped Red & Blue Frame action Astrays feat. Blue Frame

After the release of the SD Gold Frame, the Astray Team was complete.

My second mod was a very good one, almost a masterpiece. This was the SD Blaze Zaku Phantom (Rey version) turned into worlds first SD Blaze zaku Phantom - Dearka Elthman Custom.
Below the results.

Blaze Zaku Phantom - Dearka Elthman Custom front Blaze Zaku Phantom - Dearka Elthman Custom action 2
Blaze Wizard Pack Blaze Zaku Phantom - Dearka Elthman Custom Fully Equipped

This is one of my better works. The irony is that, again, my brother started to mod his Rey version into a Heine Westenfluss version.
8 months later Bandai had released such a version themselves.
I wonder whether Bandai releases my SD mod.........

Do you moderate your SD kits?


  1. Me? Well, not really moderate... Fill some ugly gaps and give it a different paintjob... I am planning on a pink polkadot blaze zaku phantom for my girlfriend ;)

  2. I give them a paintjob to, but gonna buy soon a sd kit which gonna be modded a lot and in a few weeks i make a sd strike freeom recoller

  3. Pim & Wizzie, I'm looking forward to your modifications!
    At the moment I'm discussing with Chobin to create a whole team of Zaku's which were featured in GSD.

  4. heey thats a cool idea. i saw an other persn do something like that to.(you can find him bij amry of zaku's on google)
    im looking forward to your gsd projects

  5. it's a cool idea indeed. I'm planning to make alomost al the different zaku's from destiny

  6. I love SD Mods, let's try a Forbidden on SD scale seriously.