Tuesday, June 30, 2009

City trip Hong Kong SAR

Next week I'll be in Hong Kong SAR again. Although I'm born and raised in The Netherlands and being a full Dutch citizen, due to my Cantonese roots, HK is like a second home to me. My grandparents are still living there. It will be the 3rd time in the last 12 months. A few collegues of mine were very curious about life in HK. So, last April I took them to HK and let them have a great journey in the city where west meets east (I know, it's a cliche). Now, in July I will probably return again. A good friend of mine is a KLM employee and has opportunities to travel for a bargain. I'm talking about € 200,00 (Aprox. US$ 280,00) for a round trip Amsterdam - Hong Kong with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

I love to fly, But a flight of 11 hours in a M-class of a
Boeing 747-400 is quite a time, so I'm hoping the economy class is fully booked, as I am to be upgraded to the World Business Class (for the same bargain!!) Therefore, I hope to see some new stuff and otaku gadgets again and of course, take a lot of pictures, as it is also one of my hobbies.

Last year I bumped on Jackie Chan, while shooting a promotion (I guess). That was a true coincidence, I don't think it will ever happen again. One of the specific issues being on vacation is in my opinion the scent of a location. So has Hong Kong. They often say: One picture tells more than a thousand words. Well, if it also goes for a scent, I think that a scent is telling one hundred thousand times what a picture says. It's so unique that every time this scent is passing by, I'm immediately back on vacation again! Great experience!Do you have nice memories of scents/aroma about your vacation?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Macross Frontier

Today I received a sh*tload of awesome kits from Macross Frontier.
The long awaited VF-25S Armored Messiah Ozma Custom and many others like Super Messiah's
(both Alto & Ozma) and Michel Blanc's sniper version.
These pics are taken with a compact camera, so the quality seems to be a little inferior.

I have also ordered a Super Pack parts kit & 2 S.M.S. version of No. 1 Action Bases.
Next week Luca's Reconnaissance RVF-25 Messiah will arrive and in July the Armored Messiah Alto Custom will follow.

I do hope they also will release the VF-27 Lucifer, VB-06 Konig Monster and the mass productions like VF-171 Nightmare (including the EX and Plus version).
A lot of wishes.....

Benelux customers can order these kit at Morgenroete Inc.

If you have Macross frontier kits, are you planning to modify them like Gunpla?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Macross Universe

The Gundam Universe (1979) is probably the best known franchise of all Real-Robot mecha anime from Japan. Still, the Macross Universe (1982) is the second longest franchise running along with Gundam and has an equally impressive library of stories.
Most European
/ North American watchers will recognise the stories Macross Plus (OVA, 1994) and Macross 7 (TV series, 1994).
Macross Frontier (2007) is about human journeys through space to discover new area's and (what a surprise) colonisation. It is chronologically subsequent to Macross 7. In contradiction to Gundam, the 'enemy' seems not to be coming from human itself, but from alien races which also are weapons itself, similar to Battlestar Galactica 2003.
The colonies are not like the Gundam version, O'Neil cylinder shaped, but more like a big oyster, followed by little s
ibling colonies.

Backbone of the N.U.N.S. military are variable fighters. The ordinary military has only common fighters. The private organisation S.M.S. has just deployed the newly developed VF-25 Messiah Valkyrie to support the N.U.N.S.
Soon, the S.M.S. proved to be invaluable. Spectacular fighting scenes and animation with good music are returning elements in this series.

In 2008 the first kits has been released and are equal to the Gundam's Master Grades series in terms of quality. I'm planning to collect these kits as well. Another refreshing point of view is that the Macross forces are primarily fighters and NOT humanoid fighters like Mobile Suit Gundam. The fighters do have a secondary humanoid (Battroid mode) and even a third mode (Gerwalk mode) which is an intermediate of the 1st and 2nd mode.

A few days ago, the long awaited Armored Messiah Ozma Le
e Custom has been released by Bandai and later this month, Alto's version will follow.
While Alto Saotome is the main protagonist of MF, I do like Ozma Lee, best supporting character, more
. The relationship Alto Saotome-Ozma Lee can be compared to Gundam Seed's Kira Yamato-Mwu La Fllaga, with a note that Ozma is more hotheaded than Mwu. That makes Ozma's Armored Messiah (also commander unit) for me, the coolest VF-25 fighter throughout the series.

Do you like the Macross Frontier Models? And which one is your favorite?

Friday, June 05, 2009

Golden Age

Born at the end of the 70's means that I am one of the so-called (pre)
Nintendo generation. Compared to the current Internet generation, claiming their agenda is full continously, a teenager in the 80's & 90's seems to be very blurry nowadays. But there are also some remarks.
The music back then was real music , written by real musicians who were also able to play instruments, had a fantastic live act and more importantly, had a content. Unfortunately, this kind of music isn't anymore today. Wacko Jacko didn't retreive his nickname yet. Today, the only ingedients consists: Be pretty, have a good voice, wrong manager and a Magic Music Maker 178.0 and let's get rich! (or fall very hard)Teenagers were more mature back then and didn't have to be cautious about capsizing when traveling by boat due to corpulence or obesity.
Besides, the tim
e we spent outside was about 20.000 times more than today, because there wasn't anything to do at home. We hadn't that much of pocketmoney, neither we needed it, since we didn't get drunk every weekend. A cell phone was something no one had ever heard of and so we weren't bothered 24/7.
In 1990 we saw the NES as an upcoming home entertainment system. Of course, it was nowhere in comparison with the Neo Geo , but hey, who cares! We now have entertainment at home! At that time, Sega had a similar system called the Mastersystem (II). There were no other competitors at that time (Sony was still sleeping), so our (game)life was sooo good and so easy, because there was nothing else to choose, thus nothing else to overthink about. Every time when a game was released we bought it, whether it was good or not. Fortunately, we were clever enough to recognise quality and inferiority.
Then in 1992 the Super Nes appeared, known as the giant and winner of the 16-bit era in the Golden Age of videogames. This system didn't only wipe Sega's Mega Drive/ Genesis from the face of the earth, but was also killing for us, leading to spent more times with the SNES rather than boost up my school results (sounds familiar?) Super Mario Kart was one of the carts we played a billion times. It still amazes me that the cart has survived! At the end of the 90's we were (still are) also RPG mad and the SNES still posesses the finest RPG's ever like: Chrono Trigger, (+DS version), Final Fantasy VI , Secret of Mana (2) and so on.....without disqualifying today's videogame entertainment (They are good)..... I miss those days with this exceptional machine.
So I guess it wasn't all that blurry backdays.......It was a Golden Age...OUR Golden Age!

Do you cherish your teenage years?