Sunday, April 01, 2012

A week in Singapore (conclusion)

The last day I spent on walking around in the Central Business District of Singapore.
The area is very busy and buildings are built very near to each other. On a strip of reclamated land lies the newest landmark of Singapore: Marina Bay Sands resorts.
This hotel consists 3 towers of 200 meters high above sea level. Upon the roof lies a 'boatlike' 340 m spanning skyterrace. I wasn't able to get a reservation in time and the next day I was flying back to The Netherlands. So at the end of this month I'm going to visit again and I will take time to enjoy the magnificent view over Singapore.
During a walk alo
ng the Singapore river and the well-known Quays I spotted the statue of the founder of Singapore, Sir Stamford Thomas Raffles. Due to the connections of the nearby Dutch East Indian, there are also Dutch influences. The economic models of both countries are similar, since both Singapore and The Netherlands do not have many production industries of their own. Export, trading and service are the keys.

Former prime-minister Lee Kwan Yew had Dutchman Albert Winsemius in charge to reform the economic model of Singapore into a modern economy.
Like in Hong Kon
g, there are many walking routes to travel throughout the district by foot.
There are some pede
strian subways to cross busy traffic sections. The Aqueen Hotel Lavender is situated in Little India. A district in the east of Singapore and directly on the route to Changi International Airport. My flight back to Amsterdam was very smooth and comfortable. Within a half an hour I arrived at the airport from the hotel.

Hereafter are som
e more pictures. I hope you like it!
On April the 28th I'll visit Singapore a
nd Hong Kong in a multiple city trip with a friend.

It features also my first flight with Singapore Airlines' Airbus A380-800. Looking forward to it!!

Have you ever flown with the Airbus A380?
The Quays, MBS Skyterrace & pedetrain subway

Central Business District, Remarkable (2) & Speak
er's Corner

Singapore Airlines, Aqueen Hotel Lavender & Singapore Flyer

Lucky 'bastard', Changi Airport & Airbus A380

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