Thursday, March 01, 2012

A week in Singapore (part 2)

After a very long time a continuation of my trip to Singapore last year. Ironically...I will visit Singapore agian next month with a friend of mine. It's been almost a year now.....
The Science centre is a lovely attraction like every SC in other cities in the world. It's interactive and many groups of pupils of primary schools are visiting the centre daily. Unlike our government in The Netherlands, the Singaporeans are investing in education and try to stay on world's top on knowledge and technology. There was also the biggest Tesla Coil of South-East Asia, which generates a massive 3.5 million Volts. Next to the centre, there is also the Omni Theater to watch Imax movies. At that time the movie 'Legends of Flight' was running. It was all about the efficient flying techniques and the forthcoming development of the brandly new Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
I also visited Sentosa Island. This is a kind of island resorts, which is partly reclamated land. With 5 million visitors a year it is a cash-generating entertainment machine. Nice for one day I guess. I bought a combined ticket which gave me a ride on the Jewel Box (a cable car ride), an admission to Underwater World and a 3D movie called 'Extreme Log Ride'. It is actually 4D, since the seat was a moving rollercoasterseat. Very funny!
At the end of the
week I went to the famous Orchard Road. This is a busy retail & entertainment area. The Orchard Ion Sky towers 218 meters above sealevel. To be honest...I was a little disappointed when reaching the top. The top level was a sterile room with a very few facilities and possibilities, especially when compared to the Cosmo Tower in Osaka (JPN).
The mall wa
sn't that impressive either, the road itself did impress me. It's comparable with Nathan Road in Hong Kong. Very busy and a lot of activities during the day. a small retailer I found a piece of youthsentiment. A perfect re-issue of the transformer 'Mighty Megatron' Generation 1. The issue is No. 2 of the Transformer Encore series. Just for SG$ 119,00 (= € 64,00). A bargain knowing the internetthugs are asking about US$ 220,00 at the moment!
With no hesitation I
picked it up, I may never have this chance again....

Next time, and I promise it will be soon: Last part about Central Business District, and the flight back to Amsterdam.

Hereafter some more impressions.

Science centre & voting for best equation ever

Hot-sour soup & Durians

Jewel Box & Sentosa Island

Remarkable (1).......

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