Tuesday, April 30, 2013

SD Sword Impulse Gundam

Sword Impulse with Force Impulse at the background
After quite a long hiatus, I finished a project that should have been a short project between the larger projects like MG's. Since the building frequency has been lowering significantly, it took a long time to get this one ready. I started the SD Sword Impulse way back in 2011. Well....in the meantime we have a new Head of State in The Netherlands......

Sword Silhouette
The modification wasn't that difficult. As base there was the original SD Force Impulse Gundam. But since there wasn't any additional Silhouette-pack, I was forced to use another pack. For the Sword Silhouette pack I used the No Grade 1/144 Sword impulse Gundam. The only difficulty was that the 1/144 pack wasn't wide enough the get directly attached to the SD. So I cut off the the part that should attach to the Impulse from original SD Force pack and forged it together with the Sword Silhouette and that problem was solved. The Anti-Ship swords could been shortened
easily by cutting the middle part out. Tamiya Super Glue did the rest of the work.
The color scheme was no problem. The only thing that matters was that the original blue color had to be whitened before painting it red to prevent the red becoming too dark.

All images are taken with Nikon D600 (24-85 mm)

Do you like to modificate SD kits?

SD Impulse - Sword Color Scheme

SD Sword Impulse fully equiped

SD Sword & Force Impulse


  1. Glad to see you back in action.

    The sword impulse looks really great. They really should make this an official sd kit. Any plans for a blast impulse sd?

  2. Wizzie,

    Many thanks. I do have the No Grade Blast Impulse standby to modificate the 3rd one.
    Are you still busy with Gunpla or is studying more time-consuming?

  3. Hey Mwu,

    I'm still busy with gunpla, but at a low speed. Studying is more time consuming since i'm in my last year now.

    Started a few weeks ago on the RG Destiny, hope i have the time to finish it now that the summer vacation has started