Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gundam Fall 2009

The currently running Gundam Big Expo reveals a lot af interesting kits for coming fall. The most forward looking kit for almost a year will be the MG 1/100 RX-75 Guntank. With this MG kit Bandai finally completes the Operation V team. Even the Box-art is ready. Release of the MG Guntank will aproximately be late September. At this moment I don't know yet if the MG Guntank will come with new gimmicks like flash LED's or anything else. Bandai has becoming known as the source of the Chaos Theory lately due to the unlogical strategy of release of kits. Now it is revealed that there will be a MG re-incarnation of the MBF-P03 Gundam Astray Blue Frame 2nd L revise (Lowe Gear), which already has a HG 1/100 version. Just half a year after the Release of the PG Astray Red Frame. It is the second MG kit that comes after a PG version. The first one was the Gundam Wing Zero Custom. My guess is that a MG Red Frame release will be realised in a distant future. I will probably get this kit anyway, due to the originality and technical quality of the design. Speaking about design........ I am a great fan of the Cosmic Era (Gundam Seed), but the future releases of Seed vs Frame Astray makes the C.E. a little ridiculous and insults the current line-up. Look and make up your mind. From left to right: NCYS Providence; Hail Buster; Gail Strike and the Regen Duel. The Buster and Strike will be released on August 24th, the Providence and Duel will be released late September. Designs are very undelicious in my opinion. It looks like the designs are coming from an artstudio with some rookie students. Every one can redesign this through replace the MS parts on a different location. I do not wish my future car will be one with the wheels on the roof....defenitely a No No to me.

For now the last fact: This is the first glimp of the next Perfect Grade kit - The Gundam 00 Raiser.
Probably a very good design and a very large kit, since it will come with the 0-Raiser.
My expectation is that the box will has the size of his successor PG Red Frame and the earlier PG Zeta and Strike Rouge + Skygrasper.
Although I'm a major fan of the PG kits, I think it is a little overkill with in mind that the last PG Red Frame release was just 8 months ago by the time the 00 Raiser will arrive.
The timelag between the PG Red Frame and the ultimate frame PG Strike (+Strike Rouge) has been 4,5 years! What has Bandai been doing all these years?
There is no doubt the PG 00 Raiser will be a succes, since the meta series Anno Domini Gundam 00 is a commercial succes. I wonder if the Gunpla fans can catch up this tidal wave of new and good releases.
Time will tell......

All kits will be available at Morgenroete Inc.

Do you like the Seed vs Astray models design?


  1. I´m a huge fan of C.E to, but i don´t really like the new seed vs astray kits. The only one i like a bit is the gail strike. But i won´t buy it in 1/100. I hope that they will release some of them in SD format. Otherwise there will be sd mods.

  2. not for me, the hail buster seems oke to mee but that strike is really emberrasing. havent had a good look to the new duel and providence so maybe they can make it up with those 2.

    and the pg model got mixed feelings about it. if they wont use new techniques on it ill probably leave it for what it is.